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This has become a big expense

As I neared retirement, I started to dream about purchasing a small getaway far from the rodent race of the nearby city where I could just get away from it all. Living in the northeast, it’s true that our winter seasons can be pretty tough. But the other seasons are great: not too tepid or […]

I’m okay with that

A few years after our mother died, our dad called me. He really wanted our help in getting him a more current HVAC plan for his house. My mother had felt freezing cold all the time so their furnace was typically turned up while we endured were the winter weeks. My dad said that his […]

I have deep passions

I had lived in the southern part of the country all my life. I was born and raised there. Plus, it had constantly been my home. So when I was offered a promotion that required me to transfer to the northeast part of the country, I had no real idea what it would be like. […]

Spending our hard earned money

Last Summer, I had some major problems with indoor air quality in my home.  Because of the area where I live, a central cooling system is really necessary.  To combat the brutal heat, we keep the windows closed and the cooling system blasting at all times.  I had hoped the cooling system would filter out […]

Eliminating the gas

It was my lifelong dream to build a tiny house. I had watched all the shows on the cable stations and now I was sold on the fact that tiny living was for me. But one thing bugged me about all the cable shows: they did not explain what type of HVAC system was being […]

I bought a brand new house

Each year, I have my family get a whole family portrait together, and it kind of solidifies and commemorates our love for each other and immortalizes us. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and I actually agree with that.  At the start of each school year, I get my children a new […]

The air conditioner equipment in the hospital

Last year, I was involved in a genuinely disappointing car accident which hurt me significantly.  I was severely disfigured & hospitalized after the crash for a little over a week. My time in the depressing old hospital was supposed to be relaxing & allow myself to get better before I was released. Thus, you would […]

Smart HVAC update

A plain, plastic thermostat honestly isn’t luxurious & manages temperature control to a certain degree.  Literally. It is able to properly regulate your heater and cooler, but that’s about it. You can set a single temperature with the janky little dial, but after that you’re pretty powerless. However, despite these shortcomings, I’ve checked at the […]

The thermostat is not easy to work

I want to get my father a smart control unit for the house for his birthday, despite the overwhelming fact that I don’t know if he can handle using it. My parents like to think they are undoubtedly technologically savvy and modern, but they are not. They have tried to operate laptops, kindles and tablet […]

Not sure I did a/c installation right

For a while I was thinking of installing my very own personal cooling plan at home, well, until I did some studying online and revealed some shocking information. Apparently DIY AC upgrades honestly are regularly a substantial mistake that homeowners fall into. It’s all because there are a ton of things that can go wrong […]