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This time when our HVAC proposal exploded in our face, I’ve never been so scared! I thought that some pieces of our system would blast at me like grenade shrapnel! Fortunately, it wasn’t all that serious, however the explosion did honestly frighten me and the wifey. After this experience, you would guess that I would have learned a lesson to just call up the professionals. Both of us had to pay a significant amount of money to have our HVAC equipment replaced altogether. On the bright side, we had a brand new HVAC unit. Another positive thing was that this new HVAC equipment was much more energy efficient! I supposed to keep it running at full capacity, we had to keep up with our services. I honestly wanted to handle most of the service on our own, however our wifey strongly commanded that I go with the professionals. She said she would be about saving money, however she felt that I might either hurt myself or cause some unnecessary damage by trying to take care of that which I was not certified to handle. I watched a lot of DIY videos and felt confident that I could probably do all these things, although she was undoubtedly right. Some things are just better left with the professionals who went to school for years to handle this type of equipment. I guess there is a reason why HVAC repairs end up costing so much money. Of course, with regular servicing, you can really avoid costly repairs with your HVAC unit. I was still on the fence about everything, however most of the time, the wifey was usually quite right about making decisions like this. I decided I would just cover the air filter replacements myself and call up the professionals for everything else.