Allergies and heated floors

My wifey, Tilly, has recently had terrible flu symptoms. For the past month or two, she can become legitimately incapacitated whenever she has an dust sensitivity attack. She has always had allergies, don’t get me wrong, but in the past few months she has also been fighting a terrible flu bug. Somehow the breathing irritations seem to exacerbate the underlying allergies, and now we have a very frightening situation at home. Tilly will have her dust sensitivity attack that could last her the entire day or until she is forcibly moved into a sterile environment. While our house may honestly seem love a sterile environment at first sight, it legitimately isn’t. Both of us do disinfect every surface every month to make sure all of us don’t have any dust or anything nasty hanging around. I also installed the highest grade air filter for our Heating & Air Conditioning system. Finally, I personally scrub the ductwork every month with a specialized professional vacuum. With all this cleaning as well as filtered air from the Heating & Air Conditioning system, I know it may seem love our house should be perfectly clean.  Unfortunately, my poor wife still can’t breath! She cannot live in this way, which is why all of us have been considering purchasing radiant floors. Both of us also definitely have the money for them because all of us sat and looked up the price as well as they actually were less than all of us expected. Especially when you consider the cost of her medical bills lately.

radiant flooring