All facets of HVAC

I was born into a wealthy family; from an extremely young age I was informed that I was an exceptionally fortunate child since I would not be growing up to be a stereotypical rich kid. My parents had both tried their hardest for years, and didn’t want me to have everything in life simply handed to me. So, while I undoubtedly had a comfortable life with more pros than most, I still had to work strenuously for what I had. I began my first part time job when I was fourteen, and I have been working our way up the corporate ladder ever since. Since my family’s fortune came from a successful HVAC equipment supply company, my first job was in our warehouse. I drove a forklift, and loaded gas heating systems and industrial sized air conditioning units off of, plus onto, trucks. When I got older, I began riding in the trucks with the HVAC system delivery teams, where we would unload and put the units into place so the heating and cooling technicians would be able to finish the installation. I was not certified as an HVAC worker so there were particular jobs I could not do, although, I did my best to learn everything else. One summer I secretly competed some evening classes to help me get ready for the HVAC certification test. I wanted to surprise our family, show the initiative they wanted to see, and to become a licensed HVAC worker while not receiving the help of anyone else. When I passed the test, I excitedly showed our parents my HVAC repair certification, then they were undoubtedly proud, and they then put me right to work doing A/C repair calls.

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