Air purifier and fishy smell

My fiance plus I have typically loved eating dinner out. While the two of us both also enjoy to cook, it is typically much faster and easier to go out for dinner. Because we go out so much, we were very excited when a current italian pizzeria opened down the street. We were feeling like the two of us were gleeful to go over and try their NY style crust. This thin crust has typically been our fiance’s favorite type of food ever, plus the two of us try it at any occasion whenever it is on the menu. The pizzeria was busier than I had anticipated when we arrived, so I was cheerful that the two of us had been so wise and made reservations. The people I was with and I were immediately seated at a booth near the front of the pizzeria, and we took off our coats, plus sat down to look at the delightful menu. As soon as the two of us got comfortable in our seats, I started to notice the weird smell in the air. The people I was with and I were seated apparently right under an air vent, plus it weirdly stank. The ventilation idea did not seem to be absolutely working properly, because most of the pizzerias began to stank like fish. The overall air quality was pretty good, I thought, so I did not want to complain about the ventilation system. But then about halfway through our dinner, the stinks got much worse at our table. I asked the waiter to move our table, plus explained the concerns with the smelly overhead air vent. He provided to transfer us to a tiny table, which didn’t help much. The food was delicious, but the ventilation smell will prevent us from returning.

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