Air filters really help

I am an elementary school teacher, and last year, we were hit hard with the flu! It seemed that nearly every month of Wintertime all of us had at least five teachers out sick. If that wasn’t exhausting enough, imagine close to 80 children out simultaneously. All of us had brought in extra service help in the evening to try as well as sanitize the school entirely! But, no matter what all of us did, we could not stop the circulation of germs going around to our students. All of us discovered that it easily had a lot to do with our air ventilation system in site for our heating as well as cooling device. The Heating as well as A/C professionals came out biweekly for their regular service checks. But, a school of this magnitude, in one of the worst flu seasons on record could not be taken care of all that easily. The Heating as well as A/C provider was just as frustrated as all of us were as well as wanted to help find a solution to our problem. She had not mentioned the Pure Air Filter System before, for she figured it was not in the school’s yearly service budget. But, desperate times certainly call for desperate measures. The administrations said they could not help in the least, for then every school would be asking for the same Pure Air Filter System. She suggested all of us take it to the PTA as well as the parents. They were wonderful in raising all of the money needed to change out the air filter system. A year has gone by as well as the numbers are staggering. This little air ventilation system has easily paid for itself in lowering the number of absences due to sickness by teachers as well as students. All of us have become a real model for all schools!

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