Air cooling in our yard

As far back as I remember, I’ve always loved being outside. The smell of it all brings me peace of mind. When I got to be an adult, one of my goals in life was to have a house as deep into the great outdoors as I could find. Of course, life had its own ideas for me, I ended up starting a family that I love very much, but I still wanted to make sure we could have something that was close to the woods. We fortunately found this charming place right outside of town. Big enough for a family of four, but small enough to maintain. This house was just a mile from a lake, with the woods themselves as our backyard. It was the perfect fit! There was one thing that was an issue though. The HVAC system for the house was very loud! Not only did it disrupt the beautiful scenery and sounds, but the loud HVAC system scared all wildlife away from the house. I had to walk all the way to the lake just to find some, and I could swear with all my heart that I still heard the distinct sound of that air conditioner. I thought I’d get used to it after a few months, but it wasn’t happening. It nearly made me wanna sell this beautiful place! Finally I searched online for potential remedies to fix this thing. That’s when I learned about “hiding” the HVAC system, by installing a sound-reducing structure around the system itself. The HVAC system wouldn’t be closed in and denied the ventilation it required to function, but the structure itself provided insulation and a nice wooden appearance. It was the perfect fix! I had some buddies come to help me build the structure and help with installation, and the thing was covered by the end of the week. Now the HVAC system was concealed in a wooden structure, and the loud sound of it was reduced to a low tone. All was finally looking good!

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