Air conditions when you are at work

Over the past several years, there has been a huge influx of people who are working from their homes.  About a decade ago, this was reserved for people who were in creative fields and for mothers of small children who worked from an in-house office.  With all of the new changes in computer technology, it is now more convenient for people to work from home, and the companies are still getting their work in on time.  A lot of companies are also finding that people are opting to work from home because of the poor air quality of the work environment. Many of the office buildings are getting old, and their HVAC units are as old as they are.  The air quality is poor because of the amount of dust and allergens that are being forced into the breathing air. This is bad, because a lot of the workers are also aging. There are more lung and allergy sufferers than there has ever been, and without the use of pure air filter systems, they are unable to work comfortably in an office setting.  Most asthma sufferers are more comfortable when they work from home. They have air filtering systems that eliminate more than ninety-nine percent of the allergens and dust. Unless these companies can put in new and better HVAC system, they may lose their entire staff and possibly their business itself, to companies that allow work at home, or have excellent air quality.  I think we are going to be consistently seeing more workers working from home, because of the cost of these changes.

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