Advice for our HVAC

Born and raised in the south, I tend to get a bit melancholy when summer is over.  Here in the north, when the leaves start to fall, you know that winter is about to invade.  I have to tell you, that the only part of fall that I really enjoy is the pumpkin spice flavors of the season.  Falling leaves leave me shuddering.  You’re probably wondering what it is about the leaves, and the problem is that I end up raking them.  I’ll have them all raked up and ready to bag, and my young boys will inevitably run into the piles and scatter them all over.  They’ll also track them into my house, and I hate that mess.  I started raking the leaves over toward the outdoors fireplace, but since it wasn’t lit, they were able to pull them out quickly.  When they get into the house, they become brittle, and I am spending the next week trying to vacuum them out of the carpet.  I also hate the hustle of getting the HVAC company out to the house to take care of my HVAC system.  I have a HVAC maintenance and repair agreement, but I still have to have them in my home.  I make sure this is done like clockwork, because I can’t imagine what a winter would be like if I didn’t have everything working properly and I had to go through the cold without proper heating.  I just don’t want to be left in the cold when all it takes is a simple phone call and a few minutes of time to have my heating system checked out and repaired, if necessary.

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