Adding more to the heating

Last month I went out of town on a week long vacation. I was excited to escape for a little while, but when I got about an hour down the road I realized that I left my air conditioner running on full blast. I was sick to my stomach because I knew that leaving the A/C running like that for a week would mean that my utility bill would be through the roof. Still, there was no way for me to turn back at that point, so I was going to have to suffer the consequences. While I was away, I came across something called a smart thermostat. These are connected to an app that is downloaded on a cell phone, and they allow a homeowner to adjust the thermostat from absolutely anywhere. I thought that it was pretty impressive, and an excellent use of technology. I vowed to get one installed as soon as I returned from vacation. I really enjoyed my week away, but by the end of it, I was really eager to get home and turn my A/C off. When the power bill came, I regretted my mistake because it was much higher than normal. However, the week after I returned, I had an HVAC technician come out and install a smart thermostat. I was so relieved to know that I would never have to make such a huge A/C related mistake ever again. I should have had one of these installed years ago. I would recommend a smart thermostat to anyone who is concerned about how they are using their HVAC unit or to anyone who may be trying to conserve energy. This is one technological advancement that I fully support!

smart thermostat