AC was not up to snuff

It was the finale of our senior year in high university and I was too pumped up for words to come, and I was going to take the Summer off and use the dough that I had  gained when working while I was in the university year to go on a month long trip with some buddies and travel down south. My buddy’s parent’s had a timeshare down in the south right by the beach which is perfect for sun and a good time. My friends and I got down there in the last couple days of June and it was truly a great time, we had beautiful sunny days, lots of alcohol to be had and of course all the pretty ladies on the beach, however to be truthful it was a bit too tepid for our needs. I come from a much chillier climate and our method of heat is somewhere around seventy degrees, here it was staying a constant ninety degrees and only got hotter as our trip went on, at least we had air cooling in the place to keep us cool, that is, until it was all done on us. It was a horrible thing and no matter how many style of fans we ran throughout the apartment it was hardly working for us. My buddies and I didn’t entirely have much in the way of extra dough to spend on a Heating plus Air Conditioning specialist to come out and patch up the AC, so we just had to deal with it. I really spent the whole time there unable to sleep at night due to the warm air.

window ac