AC was a shock to me

One of the things that I hate the most about my job  is having to watch after school program. Basically, it involves staying in a room and watching all the students whose parents have not arrived to pick them up yet. We have a small school, so normally, it is less than a dozen kids, however it is less than fun to watch them. The kids always have a lot of restless energy, and they try to get away with all sorts of things because it is not actual school time. Even worse, the room that the we use for the program doesn’t have proper air conditioning. Without this, the room is hot and stuffy.  By the end of the hour, I am always considering finding a different job. Thankfully, I am only scheduled for this job twice a month, as all the teachers have to take a turn as well. I recently heard that, next year, they will be moving program to a different classroom, one that is hooked up to the central HVAC system. I was really happy to hear that the new room would have proper climate control. The after school program now is in the most dreaded section of school. I would rather have an after school tutoring rather than running a daycare for kids who have parents that work late. At least if it were school related the kids would accomplish something like getting their homework done.  I hope that the rumors are true and that the program is really moved. I would be willing to donate my time to fixing up the new room just to be able to be comfortable during those days when I am assigned this duty.

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