AC vents are the best

My husband and I recently took in a rescue puppy who immediately became the joy in our lives.  She had a good deal of fur and it was a truly marvelous coat. She was only about 3 months old when we observed that she liked to take long naps on the A/C vent in our residing room.  We had a very old residence and there were several floor vents on the top floor. The forced air gas furnace vents had been reconfigured to be the air conditioner vent for the residence while in the summer.  Cool air would flow out of the floor vent and our puppy would wake up to go kneel on the vent. She really adored it. This continues even now that she is 4 years old. All summer season long as long as the air conditioner is running, she will kneel of the air vent.  Our dog would shed all year round as well. So after a year of taking long naps on the A/C vent, I decided to have our local Heating plus A/C company come out and determine if there was a bunch of fur in the air ducts. They sent out an HVAC professional the next afternoon who went to work checking on all of our air vents.  It is an old residence and there seems to be dust just about everywhere. Having the air ducts cleaned would be a good move even if all of us didn’t have a dog who loved to kneel on the air vent. The Heating plus A/C serviceman laughed loudly when I told him about our dog who was always sleeping on the cool air vent in our residing room.  After an hour or so he came up stairs to explain to me that our air ducts did entirely need some official cleaning and that there was a good deal of dog fur in the air vent that forced air to the residing room. Now in the early summer season and then in the early fall, all of us have our air ducts cleaned on a regular basis. We still laugh about our puppy who thoroughly enjoys sleeping on the cool air vent.

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