AC that is ductless

Last June, my bestie and I planned to take on a building project together. Both of us wanted to build a tiny cabin to use for a traveling and nature-like adventures. So, we started by designing the floor plan. After that, we chose what kinds of appliances we wanted to have in it. ┬áBoth of us wanted to use a ductless mini split air conditioning unit instead of using a portable air conditioner because we learned that these were the best appliances for tiny homes. Both of us heard accurately! Both of us really prefer the mini split air conditioner because it looks wonderful mounted on the wall, and it is sturdy enough to keep the tiny cabin perfectly chilled. I’m so full of bliss because we didn’t use a portable air conditioner. This would have taken up a lot of space in the cabin. From what I hear, these also happen to be pretty loud, but this is never an issue with our mini-split cooling system. Even if I had to start again and completely redesign the tiny cabin, I don’t suppose that I would change one thing about it. The layout is useful; it’s the right size for several people, and it always feels absolutely enjoyable because of the air conditioner we use. Both of us have already taken it on several vacations, and we cannot wait to keep traveling with it. Tiny living is a current movement that I suppose is going to become even more favored as people realize how nice it is. I really prefer our current lifestyle. I suppose we may end up selling our condo and hitting the road for good!

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