AC issues along the way

Two weeks ago I came back from the  greatest road trip of my life. My best friend and I covered over 4000 miles in the course of a month; it was a fantastic adventure. Karen and I  had planned the trip for over a year, and we had plotted out every little nook and cranny of the country that we wanted to see. She and I chose to go during the summertime since both of us are educators, so it is really the most convenient time to do a cross country trip. Hypothetically we could have done it in the winter; however, both of us did not want to run into crazy snowy weather up north, so we decided on the warmer weeks.

Unfortunately, we still had some a/c issues along the way. It was something neither one of us had truly guessed about. It started with the Heating, Ventilation and A/C system in our car. The automobile is relatively current, so neither of us had any reason to suspect our A/C would suddenly break on us. Being it was the middle of summer, so the car’s A/C was a serious necessity underneath the midday sun. Without the air conditioner working, we made the decision to go through about five minutes of desert driving before stopping at the first auto repair shop and having the car’s Heating, Ventilation and A/C system fixed at the first chance we had; it was still a rough afternoon. It continued to get worse. Ironically, the HVAC unit at the hotel we checked into, completely stopped working halfway through the night. Heating plus cooling issues were never something I had to deal with before, and now it seemed like an HVAC curse had been put upon our heads.

a/c system