AC installation for the garden

My workplace is downtown in a fairly seasoned office building, about six stories tall. We share a block with an almost identical office building, plus both buildings are owned by the same group. Recently, the property managers came to us at the offices and asked how the workers were doing as far as comfort.  We all said the same thing: It’s too hot! Working on the sixth floor was especially rough, since all the heat from the building comes up to our level and we’re directly under the roof that traps a ton of heat! Most mornings the workers have to open windows for the first three hours of the day just to let the heat out from overnight.  Then we have to run the A/C and fans all day until the staff has to leave.  After carefully considering our complaints, the property managers came up with an program to help the building cool down plus give us a unique spot to relax on our breaks. A few weeks later, the managers returned to show us their idea: a rooftop garden! It looked incredible plus made the ugly blackened roof look so much better and offered an escape for the employees of the office. The property managers went on to explain that soil works incredibly well as an insulator for heat, plus workers could also use the garden to grow anything we wanted.. After the office workers all gave approval, the property managers brought in teams to set up the garden on the roof. After a month or more, we noticed a significant reduction in the heat buildup on our floor, plus we’re loving our new break space outside with the good view of downtown!

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