AC in the cold season

It went to almost 73 degrees here in early February! It never even comes close to that amount! What is going on over here?! A few afternoons back, I was super cold and had to turn up the oil furnace to its upward setting. This time, I am begging for the cooling system. Of course, the A/C has been off since the fall and I don’t normally even guess about switching it on until the end of the early spring! It’s still February, and the not even temperatures have went up into the 73s. It’s supposed to be like this for the next few afternoons as well. I have no plan how I am going to deal without any A/C. This week, I sat on my loveseat drenched in my own filth for half the day. I had to leave to go to the post office where they at least have good temperate control. I stood in the waiting area for at least 10 minutes, taking in all the nice cool air. I didn’t want to go back to my house. Eventually, though I got sick of the post office and went back to my house, only to find that the horrible temperatures hadn’t cooled down one small amount. I thought about turning on the cooling system, just for a little while, however that would force me taking off the protective layer and cleaning out the air filters. I would also have to switch my oil furnace completely off.

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