AC in the auditorium

I used to play on the volleyball team in school, but the thing that consistently angered me was that there was no AC in our gym. I would have to practice in a gym that was well above 85 degrees in the summer. And it is not as if we are just standing there either. My teammates and I would run, dive, and spike the balls for several hours! Being in a place with no cooling unit made it difficult. As a result, we had to stay really well hydrated, rest if any of us grew woozy, and take a lot of breaks! It really made practice hard not having cooling system. I would not have been bothered if it was miserably hot in the entire school. The school had an auditorium with air conditioning. In fact, all year long there was A/C pouring in the auditorium. So why did this section get cooling when the school gym did not? My theory is that is where the taxpayers go most often. If we have an assembly, graduation or school musical, the auditorium is where the parents go. They feel the quality air conditioning and they leave happy. I was never happy because that meant the theater kids got air conditioning yet the athletes did not. I get that being under warm lights without any cooling would be a bummer, however not as disappointing as running. The theater youngsters were so spoiled. There would be only four or five of them over the summer getting A/C blasted on them, while 20 athletes in the gym were perspiring buckets. It was totally unfair, frankly.

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