AC for the dogs

I love my dogs. I treat them exactly like my children. I buy them the very best dog food and even cook dinner for them on occasion. I had a building erected just for them. It is their very own bedroom, complete with beds and cute little water and dog food bowls. It’s very hot here in the summer, where we live, and I was worried they would be too hot out in their room. So I got online, shopped around, and decided to buy a small A/C unit. I cut a square hole inside of the room and installed the machine. On very hot days I go outside and turn on the air conditioning unit to cool the surroundings down. My dogs love to stay in their room. When it is time to go outside, I can’t get them to leave the air conditioned quarters with the hot temperatures outside. The air conditioning works so well that, sometimes, even I like to spend several minutes cooling off with my babies. When I showed the air conditioned room to my friends, they were in shock. Some humans don’t have rooms like that. A lot of people ask me where to buy this A/C unit, because they gotta have one for themselves to keep their rooms the very same way. I give them the net address with pride. My dogs never suffer from  extreme heat again. I am so proud that I was able to give my babies a great air conditioned room. Now I must start worrying about the winter months and how to keep the room heated. I know I’ll get an idea soon, because my babies are more than worth it.