AC for my exam

I had to take my mom for some recent medical tests and it’s always a production. I really don’t like doctor’s offices anyway but running her to so many different appointments just to find out what is going on is even more frustrating for me. I can usually handle a lot on my own, however my mom is getting on in years and loses patience within a few minutes if she’s kept waiting. She thinks that if you are given an appointment, you should be seen at that time. I tried to explain that the appointments before her may have been more complicated or there may have been an emergency that the doctor had to attend to. It does not help at all that the temperature control in these offices is seldom where my mom is not either sweating or freezing.  I am not sure why the Heating and Air Conditioning is set, in most medical offices, so poorly. While we were waiting for her scan to be done, I noticed that my mother was becoming rather flushed The test they were doing required a dye and they told her she wasn’t allowed any water. I began to worry about her at that point. It was sizzling in our area and when I went to get one of the doctors to see what could be done, I was brushed off. The nurse told me that they would be with us as soon as possible. I told her that if there was not a cooler area for my mom to wait in that I was going to take her outside for a few moments. I mean really, if she had passed out from heat exhaustion they wouldn’t have been able to do the test anyway. I believe that they really need to take into consideration the way people are feeling when they set the temperatures on the Heating and Air Conditioning units.

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