AC filter and the doctor

I used to get sick all the time. Practically every time I left my apartment and returned, I would instantly get sick with a sore throat, feel stuffed up and just feeling absolutely awful. I would go to see a doctor and they’d typically tell me that I was just developing a cold or sinus infection. All they ever told me was to take various sinus medications and get as much rest as I could. I could almost tell the doctor what they were going to say before they even did. Eventually it felt mundane to even go. I knew what they were going to say and I just got sick again anyway, so I just stopped going. After doing some research online and speaking with some friends about the matter, I came across something I’ve never knew before. I found a suggestion that said to change the air filter in my HVAC system. I thought that seems kind of crazy, however I was getting so tired of getting sick, and figured I’ll try it anyway. Sure enough, that solved my troubles almost instantly. As it turns out, the allergens and dust get plugged in the air filter unit and are spread throughout the entire apartment. This sparked something in me to go on a rampage of cleaning and maintenance. Shortly after changing the air filter, I cleaned the entire loft from top to bottom. I even got a brand new air conditioner and gas furnace to replace the old ones. I had neglected them for so long anyway. This seemed like a nice way to get back on my feet. Now I keep up with my HVAC maintenance as often as I can. I never want to get sick like that again, especially when it can be prevented so easily.

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