A/C ad on television

Have you ever witnessed those insane local advertisements on late evening cable. They are the ones with silly pitchmen shouting at the camera about monstrous savings as well as low prices. You definitely know what I’m talking about! Well I am one of those pitchmen! My ads have been running in the local market for around six months now, mostly late in the evening. They have actually been unquestionably successful! It’s a long as well as not interesting story about how I ended up in this type of work. It has been working out nicely so far. If you have seen the commercials, you would clearly know that I dress up as Uncle Sam to sell air conditioning equipment from a locale called Red White as well as Blue AC. This supplier is locally owned, as well as has actually been around for more than 20 years. However, they never sold such an incredible amount of cooling systems until they started running these commercials. There isn’t even anything costly or special about them, I just wave the American flag around as well as shout about whatever low price cooling equipment specials the people I was with and I are running that week… Sporadically I will talk about how we take care of home A/C system repairs, however it’s never anything more than that. I think it’s my colorful costume as well as strong voice that interests people enough to remember our name when it comes time to replace their HVAC equipment… Personally, I don’t know much at all about cooling systems. I think that’s one of the greatest perks of this job is that I get free inspections as well as service on my condo A/C equipment from the company.

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