A very great job

I am very excited to announce to the world that I have just been appointed the head of security at one of the biggest banks in the world! I can’t believe that I was chosen out of a pool of such top-notch candidates. It is a very big opportunity for me and one I take very seriously. Of course, anyone who knows what a bank is knows that they have some of the best security protocols found in the world. We actually have our own security service that acts independently of the bank, and also in conjunction with local law enforcement in every location we operate. In the bank itself, security is pretty intense. In addition to the silent alarms that trigger immediate police response, there is video surveillance, CCTV, microphones to pick up audio chatter, infrared sensors, motion sensors, automated lighting, and twenty-four-hour security for our larger locations. As you can see, it is quite an involved operation and when you add to the list above that we have thousands of locations nationwide, the true scope of my task starts to come into view. Luckily I am surrounded by a team of professionals that are very accommodating with my transition into the role, and I already see some areas where I think I can improve things and leave my mark on this place. Anyway, with all this talk of security systems at my job you’d think I would have an awesome home security system, but the opposite is the case. Then again, I don’t have a few million sitting in my house.

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