A new heater could be better

I have many fond memories from my childhood. Growing up in a big family meant that us kids had to find things to do around the house.  We had to entertain ourselves.  My family very rarely went on getaways or to the movies or amusement parks.  My mom and dad were always working long hours to provide for us. There are a few things I remember doing with my siblings. Whenever we were bored during the summer, we always loved to play on the swingset in our backyard.  We didn’t care about the summertime heat or humidity.  Us kids would swing in and slide all day long until it was time to head indoors to get ready for dinner and bed. We didn’t mind coming inside because of the central cooling system.  Air conditioning was definitely a rare luxury at the time.  We certainly felt special.  It was much easier to sleep at night, because we had air conditioning. Whenever I would go to my best friend Amy’s  house, I was very aware that she didn’t have air conditioning.  I then looked forward to sleeping in my own bed, because it was so much cooler.  I remember being stuck inside after dinner, and playing in the cool, air conditioned house.  My siblings and I were lucky to have  a/c, because we weren’t sweating or overheated when we played or slept.  As an adult, I see how great it was to have air conditioning.  I realize that my parents worked hard to afford to install and operate that cooling system.  It was so nice for us kids, and we had such a comfortable home all year round.

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