A medical marijuana dispensary

A few weeks ago, I saw a dear friend of mine at a local coffee shop. I had not seen her in at least five years, so it was wonderful to finally run into her! She said that she had recently moved back to the area, and was up to her ears in work from her new business. I assumed that she had opened up a boutique or some sort of restaurant, but I was incredibly surprised to learn that she actually owned and ran a marijuana dispensary! I had no idea that she was even interested in weed shops, but she told me that it was a really great business to get into. Now that multiple states are relaxing their laws and regulations about medical marijuana, having a marijuana dispensary is a lucrative business. She took the time to explain to me all about her medical marijuana dispensary, which was great because I have absolutely no idea how that sort of thing works! According to her, everyone that purchases from her medical cannabis dispensary has to show proof of having a medical marijuana card, which then gets checked by the state database. Along with weed products, she also sells a ton of stuff to smoke weed, like rolling papers and bongs. When I asked her if she grew the weed herself, she laughed and told me that state laws require her to get all of her products from a medical facility. She also told me that she keeps a nurse on staff at the cannabis dispensary, so if I ever have questions about the health implications, I can come visit her at the medical marijuana store!

medical marijuana