A digital display for my HVAC system

Being sick is the worst things that can happen to someone, in my opinion regardless. It could be the flu, a common cold, or something nastier like a disease. The feeling to be weak and in pain while also knowing the cost from staying home as an alternative to attending work is a horrific sensation. Not to mention that sometimes you can feel extremely hot, then ten minutes later be shivering. This symptom usually stems from a high fever. Luckily, I had a new digital HVAC system installed into my home. That way, I can change the temperature from my bed or recliner. When I am sick, I hate moving but I actually still want the climate to be as comfortable as possible. I recently came down with a cold that triggered a raging fever. For days I had the chills and the sweats, it’s absolutely terrible. I never desire to be in that situation again free of immediate control over my heating and cooling system. As I would begin to sweat, I would crank the air conditioning up to the highest level. Once the sweating subsides and I would shiver from the chills, I would turn up the furnace. The energy bill will not even be a problem, that is how strongly I feel about being in a comfortable temperature while feeling under the weather. The fact that these controls are on my mobile phone is invaluable to me. Next time I come down with some sort of unbearable illness, I’ll be prepared!

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