Month: April 2018

The furnace really came in handy

I have been called a hoarder for much of my life. I happen to disagree with that label, but I do understand how all of my beloved possessions can be considered overwhelming to some people. I mean, I collect a lot of great stuff. I have over 15 televisions, and 9 of them work perfectly! […]

Ductless heat pumps are necessary

About ten  years ago, I started building furniture as a activity. I’ve gradually gotten quite good at it and have had success selling my creations. As demand has increased, I’ve outgrown my workspace in the basement. I decided to build an independent workshop in my backyard. This allowed me more room to work on several […]

There’s so many parts in this

I recently was required to call for repair for my central cooling system.  The air conditioning system had been struggling for quite some time. I should have instantly called for HVAC service.  Because I was busy at work as well as reluctant to spend the time as well as money on repair, I procrastinated until […]

It’s brutally cold

When my wife, Mary, & I relocated north because of her job, we spent the first year living in a cramped little apartment.  We dealt with unquestionably little space, ancient appliances, insufficient hot water, & nowhere to park. We started looking at houses as soon as we got acquainted with the area.  Neither of us […]

Make sure your internet works

I live out in the country, where there is a lot of open land and just a few houses.  I love the privacy, as well as the peace as well as quiet. There is rarely a car on the road, and nobody stops by for a visit.  Unfortunately the internet is not reliable in this […]

Energy star rated products

I hate to show-off but I’m becoming pretty special in this little town… It’s a small town that hasn’t seen much change over the past decades. When I moved here last year, I decided things needed to improve around here. I decided to open my own shop/cafe downtown with a swinging atmosphere plus unregular wares. […]

Dealing with the college grads

The longer I live, the more I believe that there are way too many college graduates nowadays. At some point in the past century it became a need to go to University, whether or not it suites the vast majority of the population. Instead of only the most exceptional candidates earning degrees, every dummy has […]

Let’s clean this area up

When my cousin left a number of months ago, he was going to join the carnival and send us some money since there was no work in our town right now. I never thought it was a good idea, because the carnival is too alluring and dangerous with people he didn’t know. By the end […]

Temperature control is super important to me

Last week, I was thinking about what it would be appreciate to live in the wild. I guess that sounds kind of odd to you. I don’t know what made me really get into this. I was simply outside doing the lawn trimming in addition to doing a bit of raking. It was a bit […]

I’m a bit bothered

When my brother in law hit the road several months ago, he was going to join a travelling flea market. His plan was to send money home to his kids and my sister. I never thought it was a good idea, because it is such an idealized way to make money that doesn’t always work […]