Month: April 2018

Radiators in the room

My best buddy had suffered a major stroke plus would be spending the rest of her life in a nursing home.  She had come to grips with this crucial change in her life but it was consistently a bit difficult. The first Winter that she was in the nursing home she was consistently grumbling about […]

Failure of an air conditioner

After living my entire life in the Northeast, I was provided a dream job in the South.  I was quick to say yes to the offer before even thinking about how my life would be totally different.  I might never shovel snow again. Or I might roast to death in the sun similar to a […]

Odd temperature control in schools

I labor in a school building as an in-building substitute instructor, so I am working here as a full time employee.  The school is rather sizable & goes across three floors. The first floor has Kindergarten. The second floor has first through fourth grades, & the third floor has middle school.  I am always running […]

Mom needs good a/c

My parents are in their fifties now & experiencing some drastic life changes.  My mother is going through a midlife crisis as well. She is buying all sorts of modern gadgets like top of the line heating and cooling equipment.  The most recent purchase was a modern convertible with an excellent climate control system. She […]

Tank for the heater

My mother called my fiance over to her household the other day because she found a puddle of water that she couldn’t explain.  She had apparently been cleaning the puddle of water up and it would just show up again. So she called my fiance. My mother seems to believe that every man needs to […]

Cooling system messed up

For our anniversary my partner decided to get me a gift certificate to my preferred hair salon.  I was totally blissful that I would be able to go plus have my hair done instead of my regular quick trim.  I had been wanting to get my hair highlighted for weeks but I never wanted to […]

Building a home and hiring a HVAC business

When my partner, Paul and I began the project of building a new house from the ground up, we weren’t prepared for the multiple decisions and details.  We quickly realized that relying on a general contractor to handle everything was a mistake. We needed to hire specialists to complete the design, engineering and replacement of […]

Boiler is already in the house

When my fiance Bernard and I were house shopping, we toured and considered all different types of properties.  Since we were moving to the northern area of the country, the home’s heating system was a major concern. We hoped to find a relatively new heating system which would supply efficient and reliable temperature control during […]

Got my own HVAC provider set up

             Over my entire lifespan, I’ve realized that I needed to work for myself. I knew  from a young age that I was born to manage and lead,instead of to follow the crowd mindlessly. I’ve consistently had trouble finally working in groups and often have concerns over the ability of my managers to manage. As […]

The pollen is a big time issue

I have experiences severe allergies since I was a child.  At any point of the year I can have allergy attacks that leave me incapacitated.  Regardless of where I go and what the weather is like, it doesn’t seem to make a difference. There are times that I can go into a intense sneezing fit. […]