Month: March 2018

HVAC technology when you move

I live in a pretty insignificant southern city. It is not out in woods or anything, but it is really not a metropolis. Some of the things we have to do are certainly behind the times. For example, getting the air conditioning appliance and water heating system put in your name when you move into […]

We don’t know how good we have it-climate control

Have you ever ventured outside of our country? There are quite a few places to go plus things to see plus fascinating people to meet! The best thing about traveling, in my personal opinion, is coming back home! It is wonderful to see how others live, plus quite frankly, traveling makes me come to understand […]

I’m feeling really good

I have spent the last year of my life laid up not being able to do much of anything and visiting the gym was certainly off the table.  Last week, I was given the okay to get back out there, so I hit up the gym soon after that. However, when I walked into my […]

HVAC as per the rules

My father had some especially crazy ideas when it came to raising kids.  He typically thought that we needed to be treated similar to soldiers in his own private Army.  When I say that he was strict, that is quite an understatement… We typically had chores to do as well as if we didn’t finish […]

HVAC messing up the date

My boyfriend has been working long hours lately & we seldom get to spend much time together.  He is usually way too tired after work to do anything but shower, eat, & go to bed. This can honestly put a major strain on a relationship.  I was incredibly happy last week when he told me […]

I don’t want problems

I lived in the Deep South for quite a few years. The humidity down there is incredibly intense. If you don’t stay on top of the humidity, you end up with mold on everything! This includes your clothes, your shoes, your belts, your towels – everything! I had to run a dehumidifier every single day, […]

Our house air conditioning equipment

I love travelling.  Every chance I get I am booking a new trip to somewhere new and exciting.  What I love about about traveling is I get to experience different cultures and meet new and unique people along the way. One of the best parts about planning trips is I get to determine where I […]

Dusty air conditioning filter

We all know that things can get dusty & grimey from time to time around the house.  What I didn’t think was that this honestly has a lot to do with your air filtration & air filters throughout your home.  I’d go over to friends houses & everything would be so spotless & clean & […]

The HVAC conditions per season

If it was up to me, I would particularly never reside in a chilly climate again. My husband consistently thinks it’s humorous to bring up the fact that I was born and raised in northern Michigan, yet I can’t handle chilly rapidly changing temperatures. However, I feel as though this just proves that I am […]

Hate how much AC he uses

I’m definitely not a current relationship expert of any sort, since I have only been in a few romantic relationships myself, as well as most of them were while in our younger times when things were simpler. That’s why I don’t even try to guess what I’m doing in our current relationship. The people I […]