Month: March 2018

I wonder why my furnace filter is dirty

Why do people automatically believe that their HVAC unit will run perfectly without any maintenance or cleaning, but understand that their body needs a ton of service. People spend tons of money on themselves, but this isn’t the case with their HVAC service. However, when you have something as mechanical as an heating plus air […]

I just don’t have enough money

Sometimes I am so begrudging of my acquaintances that it’s a tiny bit disgusting; however, most of my acquaintances are very rich, and I can’t wrap my mind around their problems and points of view. It causes some stress in our relationship, & I usually require some time apart to deal with my hurt feelings. […]

Returning to my job

Even though I am older now and more experienced for it, I am always feeling anxious about all of the things that I have to handle. It feels as though I’m constantly paying some unforeseen bill or handling an emergency that must be handled without fail, and of course, none of these bills are ever […]

We’re sweating after that heat wave

There are a number of reasons why I love that I married a musician. First of all, I’m a big tunes fan myself, so all of us can join over our interests together; Secondly, I feel it’s seriously beautiful to watch him produce music so skillfully in a variety of areas. Lastly, it’s a known […]

Asking a friend to come by

This time when our HVAC proposal exploded in our face, I’ve never been so scared! I thought that some pieces of our system would blast at me like grenade shrapnel! Fortunately, it wasn’t all that serious, however the explosion did honestly frighten me and the wifey. After this experience, you would guess that I would […]

Budget complications

There are days when I honestly wish that I could just work from home. We have our own offices at work, however the cooling system in our building has been acting up for the past week. When we adjust the thermostat, it usually works great at first. However, as the day goes, the HVAC equipment […]

Indoor air conditions and my health

I’m kind of a health nut these days, which is a funny change of events… I never used to take superb care of myself until I started to see friends and family around me having to deal with debilitating health problems. It suddenly seemed like a real priority to get our health issues in order […]

Space heaters freak me out

I know it probably seems silly, but there are a few phobias that I don’t think I will ever shake. One thing I’m terrified of is drowning, because I almost did drown once as a small child. I’ve been really afraid of the water ever since. Another fear I have is spiders. I’m not scared […]

ductless cooling install

    Having a comfortable locale to come to, is a gift. After an awful afternoon at work, nothing beats basking in the peace plus quiet of your own site. Since a share a lake house with a big family of cousins plus siblings,it is often a challenge to have real peace as well as quiet. Somebody […]

Air conditioner at the ranch

           It is horrifying how people can choose to react so angrily nowadays… There are times when there is really no motivation or obvious reason as to why someone become violently angrily… Like some drivers on the roads. Two persons who have never even seen each other can get so mad at each other if one […]