Month: March 2018

This is what I usual hear

Periodically, my energy costs get quite out of hand, however I couldn’t quite figure out why they’re so high & they only got higher each week. I did a little research & found a few energy saving tips, first & foremost, people are advising that you turn your a/c to as high of a setting […]

Sitting under a blanket to stay warm

This past year me and my friend decided we wanted to go on a road trip. I asked him exactly where he wanted to go and he just said he needed to get away from work. I think he just wants to get away from a lot of the responsibilities and tasks that he has […]

We will not let this be ruined

Last weekend was me and my boyfriend’s first year anniversary. He took me out to an amazing Italian restaurant we had both enjoyed in the past. I got my favorite Italian dish: chicken parmesan and he got his favorite pasta dish too. The one thing that put a damper on the date was the abnormally […]

I am not sure what to do now

My fiance did not have much to do as I am a take charge kind of person. I make lists until I can’t make any more lists. I like following through with projects. When the two of us decided to buy a house before getting married, we wanted to have our house all set up […]

We have a mutual understanding

Every year there is a group of us from our university days that celebrates with an annual reunion camping trip! Honestly, I enjoy most aspects of it. After all, it is pretty amazing that my classmates and I have been able to stay in touch over these long years! The bonds one makes during university […]

The thermostat is awesome

As of late, I cannot find any allergy symptom relief that truly works. I have been suffering from dust sensitivities for as long as I can remember, really. There is a definite lack of understanding when it comes to dust sensitivities. You see, what people don’t stop to understand is that when dust sensitivities and […]

I can make this better

I was the last of all my siblings to move out of our parent’s place and go off to college. I knew that my parents were nostalgic, but they also seemed excited to have the house to themselves again. I don’t blame them at all. They raised six kids, and the majority of their lives […]

This is so silly

Ever since I moved out of my childhood home, my dad has been driving me crazy. He keeps giving me direction on how to maintain my home. I know he is being thoughtful and wants to make sure that my first home owning experience is successful… However, after a while, it felt overbearing. He was […]

We’re far too hot right now

I have been considering trying to start my own business since I work in the HVAC industry. Though it might sound like a very risky thing to do, the HVAC company is seeing huge growth these days! The Heating & Air Conditioning provider I have been now working for numerous years has been benefiting from […]

Quarterly maintenance checks

The wintertime was quickling coming to our town, and we were beyond frightened. Our Heating and Air Conditioning unit had been malfunctioning for months, and it only half worked most of the time. I didn’t think we would be able to afford to repair it again, but I also didn’t want to be stranded without […]