Month: March 2018

Husband forgot about furnace repair

My husband and I have always divided up the responsibilities around the house.  I handle buying the groceries, and he pays the monthly bills. I take care of the housework, ensuring the kids are ready for school each day and he does all of the upkeep on the yard along with household repairs. The HVAC […]

AC was a shock to me

One of the things that I hate the most about my job  is having to watch after school program. Basically, it involves staying in a room and watching all the students whose parents have not arrived to pick them up yet. We have a small school, so normally, it is less than a dozen kids, […]

This is how you file suit

Have you ever heard of the Hinkley groundwater contamination case? This is the pretty famous legal battle where there where was a whole bunch of houses built on top of contaminated water. A business nearby was dumping all kinds of chemicals into the water plus it was then pumped into houses, schools, parks, swimming pools, […]

Furnace filter

Making a big purchase can cause a lot of anxiety for consumers. Most prefer to make thoughtful decisions about the products they bring into their home. Especially with large purchases, such as heating and cooling systems. It might seem simple, to invest in new furnace for your property, but this decision is often a pinch […]

Dog causing a larger HVAC repair

My mom is constantly sharing pictures and stories about rescue dogs lately. She and my dad lost their Labrador retriever recently and when he passed away, they said that they would get another dog eventually. I knew that mom wanted a companion pet to keep her company while dad was at work. There was one […]

I was shocked

I grew up in a lake residence where being handy was most certainly valued.  Our parents believed in trying to handle all repairs on their own before calling in a professional.  Doing this actually saved us a lot of money on major repairs. Sometimes this worked out, but other times, it was certainly not good. […]

Nextdoor guy about HVAC

I am likely the least friendly man on our street and I am truly proud of that title… I don’t prefer to make or have friends. I feel that friends are a ton of work, constantly needing favors and supply no true benefit to you. I also love the fact that I can go grocery […]

The baby’s room looks really good

Last year, I had my child at the doctor’s office for her 7 year check up.  When the doctor checked us in, she told us that the room we normally visit was under renovations, so we would be in the room they reserve for infants.  I didn’t even think much of it at first until […]

Fixing my heater first

I have a big list of things I need to finish this week… I need to apply for current jobs & load up my resume online. I need to file my taxes & find out how to pay quarterly taxes. I also need to have our heating appliance looked at. My gas furnace appliance has […]

I went through the whole system

One of the first homes that my husband plus I ever owned was a residence that had been flipped by a local realtor.  It wasn’t perfect but it was ours plus there was easily enough cosmetic troubles left even after the flip that we felt we could certainly make it ours.  One of the things […]