Month: February 2018

Remodeling everything including HVAC

My friends and I used to play hoops every Saturday during the day. There was a recreation center located downtown where they let all of the youth play hoops for free on Saturday mornings. Most of us lived in apartments, so the people I was with and I had no hoops hoop at home. My […]

Hate the dorm furnace

My buddy and I were ecstatic to get accepted to the same university. The university was about two hours away from our hometown. We were from the country, but our university was located near the city. For us, it was going to be a whole new world! Plus, we were both excited that the university […]

Minor issue with the HVAC

I am very blessed to have a really great office job.  I don’t guess what I would do without my amazing and prolific place of employment. I even do not even mind working overtime. My work was a paradise of enjoyment and money making opportunity. I am extremely lucky to have such an amazing job. […]

We didn’t need this travel time

Last summer I needed to really challenge myself, so i decided to take a week-long hiking trip. I had never been camping for more than a day or two, so I needed to extend the time and really make myself be employed by the week. I know that isn’t everyone’s ideal vacation, but it’s something […]

AC caused a spike in my bill

I have recently decided that I am going to transfer with my employer to a southern region of the country. I have been living in the north as well as experiencing cold and rapidly decreasing temperatures for long enough now. I am quite ready for year-round sunshine. I made the decision to transfer about 5 […]

Her climate control is weird

I guess it is time for me to beginning looking for a new roommate, but I have lived with the same girl for about three years now and everything had been going just fine, that was, until several weeks ago. I don’t absolutely know what happened with my roommate, however I know her whole personality […]

Fixing the shower

My Uncle Ted is a plumber.  I have never met anyone who enjoys their job more than my Uncle Ted does. He often goes on and on about how satisfying his plumbing service is. He enjoys the fact that he owns his own plumbing business.  He is able to set his own hours, work whenever […]

I want the bigger gym with a/c

I teach high college volleyball after college & I have to really compete with the other activities for gym time. Basically every single high college activity wants to be in the super main gym directly after our college. That is the prime time spot since you really know you can get all the kids. Also […]


When your Heating and Air Conditioning component breaks down or even needs service, you want a professional to handle it. The problem is, how do you figure out if your Heating and Air Conditioning professional is indeed a professional? There is more to Heating and Air Conditioning than luck of the draw. You can look […]

Hoping to get my own air conditioner

I have always just wanted to put a ductless mini split within our great  family room, right now I live with numerous other nice people & both of us use a very central HVAC system. The whole home has to just agree on one centralized temperature, then both of us can really  barely pick out […]