Month: February 2018

Humidity control

My sister Emma likes to travel the world with just her backpack plus her favorite guitar. She is a hippie to a T plus she never carries any possessions on her although, Emma does have quite an extensive guitar collection. When she roams around she only brings one though. Since she has no permanent address […]

My home is awesome

I know that I can be a bit cautious. There are times this is due to my undiagnosed anxiety, and there are days when I just need to take a deep calming breath and rein it all in.  But there are also occurrences in which I think my anxiety is completely worth it and I […]

There’s some particles in the air

The other day I was visiting my new friend’s modern home residence and couldn’t help but notice how delightful her indoor heating and cooling system felt. It was unlike anything I had experienced before, not only was it very comfortable, but it was almost as if there was a special sort of air pressure within […]

Working on my condo

My good pal Ronnie prefers to often go door to door shopping at our thrift stores so I naturally go with Ronnie! Ronnie and I used to bring our dogs however now that they are old, they can stay at the house by themselves. It would be a good idea to have any alone time […]

The mall has a great air conditioner

Taylor and I enjoy going window shopping at our nearby malls so I naturally go with my woman. Taylor and I used to bring our several grandchildren but now that they are older, they can stay at their own apartments by themselves. It would be not usual to have any alone time with Taylor if […]

Pet dander with animals

Since I was a little girl, I have wanted a puppy. I don’t love big, loud pets that leave mounds of hair in their path with just a flick of their tail. What I have always wanted, since I was a little girl, was actually a Yorkshire Terrier puppy. My father regularly said no pets, […]

This is one factor to learn

Have you ever tried to work on anything arduous from home before? Maybe it’s just a school assignment, or you have to do taxes, or you’re trying to develop a monthly budget for yourself; no matter what the task is, it’s definitely harder to get work done from the comfort of your own home than […]

Sleeping and the thermostat

I have been having a hard time sleeping at night lately. I am not referring to the insomnia I was diagnosed with years ago, or the fact that a have a 10 week old puppy at home. No, those things do not phase me surprisingly, however what is causing my sleeping issue is the different […]

Can’t agree on heating and air

My kid and his girlfriend recently moved in with our wife and me. They have been going through hard times since our kid went to jail for six weeks! His girlfriend is pregnant with our first grandbaby, so all of us had no choice but to open our doors to them! They have been here […]

The a/c repair did not go so hot

I hate when it’s one of those afternoons, when everything is going wrong all at once. That happened to me last Wednesday, and it cost me a fortune. I woke up first thing in the morning, ready to tackle a morning’s worth of chores. I was backing the Prius out of the garage, when I […]