Month: January 2018

Heating system making strand sounds

I hadn’t slept in more than three nights… My gas furnace kept making this annoying clicking noise after it turned on. My partner sleeps like a rock, so it didn’t bother him, but I was becoming desperate! I can’t function without enough sleep. I told my partner to call a Heating and Air Conditioning specialist […]

Can’t turn off the heater

I live in the southern section of the country where winters are usually to be fairly mild, and sure, I get a couple days each year that get cold. Usually it’s less than a week a year. This year, it’s only early November and so far I’ve already had two weeks below freezing! I live […]

having to use more heating

All of us had a snow filled Christmas this year, and it was elegant.  We went to our son’s farm house, and they had their Christmas tree in the veranda.  The room’s gas furnace was set to an enjoyable sixty-eight degrees, and the control component to the rest of the farm house was set the […]

Flooring heating system

I consistently dread the approach of the cold season, since I was born and raised in a moderate temperature. So whenever wintertime rolls around, I long to return to the apartment of my youth. I still cannot understand people who avidly welcome cold weather, probably they grew up in the cold while I did in […]

Getting the best in filters

After a lot of discussion, my husband and I finally decided to move up north. We found the perfect home and settled in quickly with the help of our fantastic neighborhood. We couldn’t help but feel fortunate to be in such a nice community. After the first night, my parents came up to help us […]

Happy to relieve the burn

My brothers plus I went to the beach this weekend… It was the very first weekend that the weather was easily nice, so we loaded everything into the Jeep. My brothers plus I care about going surfing, so we packed our boards, trunks, plus a few cold ones. The beach is a short drive from […]

Summer time air conditioning

Every year, it seems as though the summertime hot temperatures get hotter plus hotter… It has become increasingly difficult to make it through the summertime season without an air conditioner. The region we live in never truly has a very tepid summertime season. I have been able to get away without an air conditioner fairly […]

Check the heating in the play area

The weather has been frigidly cold lately, plus we have been experiencing many afternoons of intense rain. The boys have been trapped inside of the property for the past week. The boys have been complaining about being super bored, so my partner plus I decided to take them to the mall. Our local mall has […]

Neglecting our heater

I have a very short list of things I cannot stand, but here they are:  People who try too hard, awkward social situations, Donald Trump supporters, and long automobile rides. To a more substantial degree, everything on the list is actually trumped by my hatred of freezing cold temperatures.  Winters are pretty, but my body […]

The HVAC costs are too high

About a handful of weeks ago, I shacked up with my girlfriend Cindy.  We had been a serious item for about a year and it seemed like the next best step to take.  Both of us spend most of our time together, so I figured I could stay with her and save a few dollars […]