Month: December 2017

HVAC unit is getting checked

Since wedding planning, my fiance and I have been a wreck trying to find the perfect venue to hold the big event.  There are many beautiful places to have a wedding and many we have liked, but we need to be sure that all of our guests will be comfortable. I want to make sure […]

The cooling system and updating it

I live in the Southwest United States and it’s so lovely, but I have to pay close attention to our cooling system. The hot and cold temperatures here can be so extreme in a normal day, so it’s imperative that I always have a good idea of whether or not our HVAC unit is in […]

Security lights

I run my own Heating, Ventilation, and A/C business. You could guess that means the heating as well as cooling in my building is amazing. Unfortunately, however, the temperature control is terrible! My building is a complete mess. My secretary Stella leaves on the lights every night without fail so my power bill can be […]

He did duct cleaning

When I moved into my new home I started to notice that I was having some complications with my allergy symptoms.  I’ve had allergies for a long time but haven’t had issues recently, so I begin to wonder if my new environment had something to do with it. When I mentioned it to my general […]

I didn’t realize anything was different

I had a stupid moment when I first went into our apartment. I am currently renting out a beach house that is taken care of by a landlord. The rent is not all that bad, the place is spacious and location is quite nice. However, the apartment is in the north but I am actually […]

Living the ac life

I’ve been fortunate enough to travel the world and see several countries throughout my life. I’ve traveled through Europe, ventured through South America, and visited about 40 States within the US itself. During all of my traveling experiences, I found it toughest to be in areas where air conditioners were not the standard rule. This […]

This was a total mess

Just last winter, I had a huge plumbing disaster.  My partner and I took our family for an extended getaway down south during the week of January.  We spent nearly weeks enjoying the sunshine and swimming in the ocean.  Before leaving, all of us turned our oil furnace way down to conserve energy.  We had […]

I use an air purifier

         I am not somebody who suffers from terrible dust irritations; however, usually don’t get sick with the changing seasons, this year I have gotten sick a few times and it is truly bad. I have a sore throat, a cough and our nose is stuffed up. I went to the medical professional for some […]

I had to drain the pipes

My husband and I are planning to be snowbirds. Both of us already took off work for more than two months, and we have a house down south as well! From the months of January to May, we will be residing in our southern apartment in the heat. We are so enthusiastic to get away […]

The best working a/c

       Everybody regularly says that older people want more heating, and they crack their heating systems all year long and cannot sit A/C. I say that is a load of bull since my Grandfather likes his home at arctic conditions, he has a heater, I have seen it. I just never have seen that heater turn […]