Month: December 2017

I have to test my home

My girlfriend Sara works full time for a radon company. I have asked my girl to explain to myself and others over & over what she does, although I never seem to really get it. Radon is a gas that is poisonous that people can remove from their home, and apparently there is radon device […]

Make sure you test for radon

My wife Sandra and I recently moved into a new household. My wife is a fixer and likes to get deep into his projects. Sandra was recently in our basement gutting it and making it into a workout room, but while she was doing all sorts of construction, she decided to check for radon. I […]

Heating device working okay

Last weekend, my guy plus I had lunch reservations at a up-to-date spot in town. It had a honestly fun vibe, so both of us decided to try it out. The two of us made lunch reservations for inside, because it is the middle of November here and therefore it was kind of cold. When […]

I can’t stop drinking

The people I was with in addition to myself decided to start attending AA meetings a few years ago. The people in addition to myself had been experiencing memory loss, due to drinking too many alcoholic beverages on a nightly basis. It seemed dad or most of the things inside of our problems were a […]

Cold floors in the aparment

My home is just so frigid in the Winter season. It is honestly amazing to me how much the temperature drops just in my building, but most of the time, it is colder inside my home than outside in the open air! It’s unbelievable. I dress up warm for the day, sometimes even wearing a […]

That was crazy!

The two of us have been told on a few different occasions, and let the two of us seem to have a problem with the beer. The two of us would never feel that we are an awful alcoholic, because the two of us are never mean when we are drinking. The two of us […]

Heater on high

Travelling for the holidays is usually an exciting thing, but this year it was a absolute nightmare! My parents down south asked us to bring them an antique car they had bought in our area, and we agreed before thinking about what that might mean. The car drove well and had plenty of area inside […]

The last time we’ll have fun

Last year I was outside trying to scrub up from winter and get some flowers planted.  It was almost May, and the snow had finally all melted.  My partner and I were so busy that the two of us didn’t notice the temperatures had been steadily falling.  I heard the cell phone ring and I […]

No heating repair after all

This is the last time we call that Heating, Ventilation, and A/C service contractor to come and service our air conditioner. Every time we make an appointment with them, something goes wrong. They take forever to finish a task and charge much more than the other companies in the area. This Thanksgiving, we called them […]

I don’t like being outside

I have never once liked camping, even though I did a lot of it when I was growing up.  My parents insisted that I had to go camping when they went, even if I didn’t quite enjoy it.  It was always muggy, with biting bugs the entire time we were there.  If you wore the […]