Month: November 2017

Smart HVAC equipment

I have been battling it out with my husband for years over our utility bills. When we were married, we made a deal that he would go to work all day while I would run the household. I don’t tell him how to do his job, just like he doesn’t tell me how to run […]

HVAC equipment in the Inn

I direct a small country inn. Lately, inns have been pretty popular, despite the ever growing Airbnb phenomenon. I decided to never give up on my dream so I am keeping my little country inn open. I have noticed that the bulk of people are true romantics at heart who still appreciate the comforts of […]

The a/c for my poor pets

I needed to take our 3 precious felines to the vet last Thursday… It was a very unfortunate series of events that led to this essential appointment. It was nothing all that serious, but it was definitely a pain. You see, our 3 feline companions developed a bit of a flea problem. The fleas were […]

Dealing with stuffy air quality

I had 35 minutes left of the task day, and I really couldn’t wait until this day was finished! I was expecting a package in the mail today, & I wanted to go back to my apartment & open it! My family back at home has sent me a nice package for my birthday. I […]

Baseboard heating in schools

This was a very tough year for myself and others so far. I had just started at a modern university, plus it was quite difficult to adjust. There were the nice things plus terrible things about this modern university. Happily, the nice outweighed the bad. The only reason I had to switch universities, was because […]

AC repair on me

I couldn’t actually wait until dinner time. Work was going so unhurried today. All I wanted to do was clock out and go to my property to cook. Honestly, I wasn’t really hungry, but I was just so very tired of the drudgery of my work. I definitely wasn’t always like this. I normally liked […]

The idea of a heat pump

My spouse and I were taking into consideration buying a heat pump source for our heating needs.  We will do a great deal of research before we even tentatively decide on which direction to go, although I have found some undoubtedly interesting facts about heat pumps in general.  Yes, they are extremely cost efficient when […]

The man does heating set up

I sometimes am concerned about what would happen to myself and others if my partner were to happen to him.  He does all of the important work around the property.  Last year the cooling appliance faltered, plus it took him merely 10 minutes to get it running properly.  He is a professional when it comes […]

The weather makes heating hard

Just last Summer was definitely the coolest Summer on record.  The two of us only used our a/c a couple of times through the season, and our ceiling fans periodically made it feel a tad bit chilly.  Other than those there actually were a couple of weekends in the upper eighties, the average temperature on […]

The neat style heater

I sat in the home office, really working on my newest development.  I absolutely love arts and crafts, and I wanted to create a current centerpiece for our Thanksgiving table.  I felt my fingers getting incredibly stiff, and I first thought it was just because I was working with some intricate wiring.  I realized that […]