Month: November 2017

Keeping the a/c in the house

When my husband, Greg, and I decided to build a small home, we knew exactly what style of cooling system we planned to use. We had heard of people getting by with window air conditioners, but we  wanted something that was permanently installed. We decided on a ductless mini split cooling system because we knew […]

Visiting the HVAC

Every fall, I hire an HVAC specialist to come to the house to complete a routine inspection. It requires a small maintenance charge, but it’s worth the investment, in my opinion. I complete this upkeep because I want to be sure that the furnace is operating in top shape before the temperatures drop and it […]

The faulty cooling unit

My parents recently celebrated their 78th anniversary. I think anyone will agree that it is a very uncommon accomplishment in as of late. I can barely name a few marriages that have survived ten years, let alone seventy eight! We decided that this year, we needed to throw them an appropriate party. We knew this […]

Can feel a/c out of the vents

I actually was ecstatic to finally conceive last Spring. My husband and I had been attempting for a really long period of time. We thought it wasn’t in the cards. We wanted to ensure that we did everything right. We decided upon all of the appointments at once. We were very good about the stuff […]

Climate control on a program

I have a lot on my plate right now, and I’m trying my best to keep everything straight! I’m running many small businesses, which all have diverse functions and activities, and it’s taxing to keep things in line sometimes– especially since I’m always taking care of the house! My wife is a musician, so she […]

Did not do HVAC service

I know that I can be a bit stubborn occasionally, and I have a strenuous time admitting defeat. That’s why I’ve ended up in bad fights with liked ones that drag on for weeks, and why I continue to drive a dangerous car that I never should have obtained, and why I kept rocking a […]

HVAC woes on the road

I am a road trip fanatic. I have travelled the entire US by car over the last nine years. I even have spent some time travelling through Europe by car as well. I find it to be the best way to experience the world. You get to meet the most amazing people with the craziest […]

Getting a way better heating system

I never like going to the dentist’s; I would rather have my teeth pulled than go to another appointment. I am generally a frigid person and I am typically deathly cold. The dentist’s office was the worst, because they kept their air conditioner so low all year long. They whine constantly about how they have […]

The pets and a/c filters

Are you considering getting new furry friend? Do you live in an place that demands heating & air conditioning? I need to tell you that these things do not go together, & don’t let anyone tell you anything different! I adore my animals more than anything on earth, but, after my summertime Heating & A/C […]

The heater and a/c is annoying

I live in the school dorms… I have been living in the dorms for 3 years. I have a full scholarship for my school education, this included room & board. However, as much as I hate dorm living, I undoubtedly am stuck. I have to keep up my grades, in order to keep my scholarship. […]