Month: October 2017

Cooling rather than the beach

I left for the beach yesterday with my friend Katie. The two of us love throwing our towels down and getting some tan. We also bring some booze to the beach and drink while we sun. Then we will sometimes go out into the water and just swim a tad. The only issue is that […]

The sizes for HVAC

For the heating and cooling system, the size is actually what matters. You need to obtain a unit that is properly sized for your home. Units that are too large tend to overwork themselves. For those who have a larger central HVAC unit for the home, it can quickly bring up and lower the indoor […]

The best a/c system

If you had the choice of living any place you wished, where would that be? Some people would choose a domicile in the country, while others may want a huge spread close to the beach. I would choose something in between those two choices. What would make a.difference in my dream house is going to […]

The heating and cooling system for their ceremony

I went to the anniversary of a good buddy of mine a few weeks ago. I am delighted for him because he is a undoubtedly good person, plus he chose a good partner. I feel that they are going to live a wonderful life together. It was so nice seeing all of our old friends […]

The air purification system

Health issues have been something I’ve had to deal with my entire life. Eventually, I just accepted. I had to learn to adjust to it as i moved from one situation to the next. I had school dorm rooms to contend with where I had entirely no say over the central heating and cooling system. […]

Restaurants and heating/air

I have been managing diners for as a long as I can remember. I have consistently loved a great social environment, but. as far back as I can remember into our childhood, I have consistently had a passion for food. I am, actually, a pretty fantastic chef if I do say so myself. I have […]

AC installation for the garden

My workplace is downtown in a fairly seasoned office building, about six stories tall. We share a block with an almost identical office building, plus both buildings are owned by the same group. Recently, the property managers came to us at the offices and asked how the workers were doing as far as comfort.  We […]

Getting great a/c in the treehouse

My dad is a partner with an architecture firm. His duties often revolve around giving insight to people who are trying to build anything from 2-story houses to hundred-story condos. He is incredibly talented at his work, to the point that his ideas are sought after here in the South. He tells me often that […]

Our concert a/c device

I love a lot of different types of music. I adore country music because my best friend from college used to write country music as well as play guitar  in a famous country band in the 90’s. That provided me an appreciation for what some people look down upon as twangy nonsense. I also love […]

The room’s a/c system

I recently decided that I needed to search for a new place of residence. Right now, I live in a little townhome that I rent yearly from a pretty nice guy who is a pretty great property owner. To be frank, I am not that picky about where I live. There are just three things […]