Month: September 2017

My air ducts

One of my favorite treats is ice cream. I will admit that I don’t eat very much ice cream anymore because at this age and weight, you need to start being more careful about sugar intake. Plus, diabetes runs in my family. I am the only one who doesn’t possess it, and I am additionally […]

Clearing brush for solar panels

I’m so glad that I’ve finally been able to move out of cramped and crappy apartment units to live in a real home with my husband and our pets. For 6 years I resided in small, shared apartment spaces which were less than comfortable and didn’t allow me to make any modifications to my living […]

Indoor comfort is so important

I work inside this giant, beautiful brick building downtown. I am in the capital city, so there are many businesses here that involve government. We are in the thick of it all, and I can see the state capitol dome from my office window. Just about every office has a fantastic view. However, what those […]

Have nightmares about losing AC in new city

I’m a terrible sleeper and it’s entirely due to anxiety. For as long as I can remember, I’ve laid awake at night worrying about everything I can possibly think of. My insomnia is worse when I’m under great stress, and I’ll have trouble falling asleep for months on end. I also have terrible dreams that […]

I hope that I stay safe

Sometimes it feels like there’s no reason to travel outside my realm of ease, because I’m punished when I do. For instance, when I go out on a limb to try and help just about anyone, it always tends to backfire on me. It feels like the world is against me whenever I look to […]

Management job

I recently accepted a new position at my company. I’ve been working an entry-level job for a couple of years, and I was promoted to a management position. I am very excited because this comes with a great pay raise, a new office, and I will even get to do a little bit of traveling. […]

I’m very comfortable on the bus

I always make an attempt to do my part to help the community as we battle the climate change which can be destined to ruin our planet. I’m all about recycling in addition to reducing my energy expenditure to aid in the worldwide effort. I enjoy walking every opportunity I get, and often skip taking […]

Visits from brother

Every summer my brother comes to spend a month with me. He lives in Alaska, and he works a seasonal job. He is given June and July off each year, and he chooses to spin June with me so that he can reconnect with everyone in the family and relax. It’s a perfect setup because […]

Box seats

Last Saturday a friend of mine invited me to go to a baseball game with him. When he asked me to go, I assumed that we would be sitting outside in the stadium where most of the other fans sit. However, when we arrived at the stadium, he hopped on an elevator and took me […]

Temp Agency and HVAC

I was in desperate need for some cash a few months ago, so I was forced to search for a part time job. I was having terrible luck, and was beginning to get very depressed. If I didn’t come up with some extra cash I was going to lose my home. My friend suggested that […]