Month: September 2017

I would love a new furnace filter

Considering I live in the south and the place is hot and sunny all year round, I really have to have good air conditioning. My home has best most up-to-date, top of the line air conditioning system ever invented. I can’t take a chance on installing an AC system together with having it stop working […]

Man the outdoor temperature is rough

Earlier this summer was especially hot and humid. I reside in the northern area of the country, and our summer season is often short, wet and cool. I’ve never felt the call to install any type of air conditioning. This year, however, the house was awfully overheated and sticky. It was impossible to sleep during […]

Keeping this in pristine condition

I should never have attempted to repair my air conditioner on my own. Although I own an extensive collection of tools and am quite invaluable, I have no experience with air conditioner units. I am capable of changing the oil in my car, replacing windows and putting up drywall. I have successfully repaired my vacuum […]

A/C for me

I am the kind of person who needs to be in a well-cooled area to be happy. I am very hot-natured, and I am used to running my air conditioner 24/7. I never realized that this was the case until my HVAC system stopped working a few weeks ago. I was really at a loss […]

I want to be warmer

Recently, there was a massive storm off the coast from where I live. It was supposed to be a very terrible storm and it was coming right for us. My family did everything both of us could think of to prepare; we went out and purchased gallon bottles of water, non perishable foods and batteries […]

Pacific Northwest

When I moved to the Pacific Northwest, I was very excited to be relocating to a new part of the country. I was offered a job there, and I jumped on it because I knew that the area was beautiful and there was a lot to be seen there. I rented an apartment that I […]

This is acceptable

My fiance, Bill, and I just obtained a new up-to-date home. Both of us have been looking for the perfect locale for several years plus haven’t found anything that we just totally fell in love with yet. That was until the we found the home that we just bought. I wanted something quaint that we […]

My first winter in a southern state

I was born in the midwest, grew up in the midwest, and began my adulthood in the midwest. t’s not to say that I was fond of the weather and terrain, so much as I lived there based on familiarity. Truthfully, the climate there was awful and left a lot to be desired. The springs […]

Living in basic comfort

I actually do not care for feeling like I’ve been blind sided or taken for a ride in at all. I am pretty smart, plus I try to be truly careful when I’m making any sort of deal so that I’m not being screwed over, that’s why it kills me to be constantly sending my […]

Can’t use HVAC towards the end of the month

If you’ve ever lived paycheck to paycheck, then you understand the root of many of my struggles. There is something truly humbling about realizing that you have a fixed amount of money coming in, and you’ll have to make due with that sum for a designated period of time without exception. There is no one […]