Month: August 2017

Working to keep my job

My dear grandfather had open heart surgery this week. It was a big deal for our family because it is such a serious surgery. I feared that he would die while under the knife. My grandmother was so nervous for weeks leading up to the surgery. My parents both took off work for the day. […]

Air conditioning inside the auto

I have a very long and treacherous commute to work everyday. I have to drive up the coast about 50 miles to get to my job. My friends and family members think that I should look for a job closer to home, but I really enjoy my job. I work with at risk teenagers. But […]

My jungle stories

I was lucky enough to have some time off of work and some extra cash so I decided to take a vacation.  My good friend got in on it because he had some time off too.  Somehow we decided to go to Nicaragua.  We had great time there and did plenty of surfing.  The day […]

I’m perfectly happy now

I’m a roadie for band.  No, you probably have never heard of the band unless you listen to folk metal from Norway.  As you can imagine my job is super fun and comes with lots of perks.  It is a lifestyle for me.  I just love the music and the energy of the live shows. […]

The older HVAC device

I loved those times when I would visit my grandparents up in the mountains. It was like stepping back through the pages of history. They had a beautiful cabin with an astounding viewpoint. My favorite time to visit them was in the winter, because I didn’t get to see snow in the town I lived […]

Plant indoor air quality

I am blessed to be working for a local greenhouse. This was a dream job in my situation, because I absolutely loved anything that had to do with plants! I was a total green thumb growing up. Each one of my friends would just make fun of me, but I would spend hours around my […]

Out in the middle of the night

I was right in the middle of a suspense novel when our electricity went out. I heard the thunder and I could see the lightning and it went right along with the book. About the time this killer struck, the lights went. Talk about unfair… this has been the worst timing. I hadn’t noticed the […]

Updating the heater device

Seeing that our kids are all grown and gone from our home, we have decided it is time to do some renovating. We have planned on redoing one or two of the rooms, and buying cutting edge furniture. We already started buying new appliances. I’m thinking that maybe we are actually looking towards a day […]

Photo shoot with no cooling

When it was subsequently time to take our engagement photos, I insisted that my own fiance, Todd, and I have them taken in the outdoors. The photographer tried to talk me into a session inside his air conditioned studio. He told me about the different backdrops, props, and some great benefits of having a thermostat […]

Getting a boiler for heated floors

We currently heat my home with a gas furnace, and I am not totally enthusiastic about it. The furnace requires a duct system which is concealed in the walls, ceilings in addition to crawl space. The unit draws stale air through the house, passes it through the furnace, and then circulates this same air back […]