Month: August 2017

Reducing my energy bills

I have been saving up to renovate my kitchen.  I am hoping to replace the cupboards, countertop, appliances and light fixtures.  It’s going to be an expensive and disruptive project, but I am eager to finally have my kitchen setup perfectly.  I plan to reconfigure the layout and eliminate the ventless heater.  Right now, the […]

What is the right choice here

About three years ago, my husband Martin and I bought a two-hundred year old farmhouse, with the idea of fixing it up.  The house had been neglected for many years, and everything was outdated and in terrible condition.  We thoroughly enjoyed the renovation process, taking the time to make sure every little detail was just […]

Customizing my HVAC system

For years, my wife and kids begged to have central air conditioning installed in the house.  I did not feel that a cooling system was a necessity in our area.  Although the summer climate is extremely hot and humid, it is relatively short.  I figured we would only run the air conditioner for around two […]

This snowfall is something else

When you set out to enjoy most of your day somewhere, it’s really unfortunate when you have to leave all because you are uncomfortable. That’s what happened to me when I went to any icy cold coffee shop in the city this morning, that clearly had their air conditioning on high. I had never been […]

We’re just sitting around

There are few things that annoy me in this world, but if I had to share one, it would be unpredictable weather changes and excessive HVAC use. I have been caught dead in the winter time with a light jacket, thinking that it would be a mild chill outdoors, and end up regretting what I […]

Where is my heat when I need it?

Because of our demanding work schedules, my partner and I rarely get any time to spend with each other. For months now, we have gotten off of work, came home, and ordered take out making our way to bed shortly after a shower. We have been married for nearly 10 years and I felt that […]

Taxi cabs

I was going through a rough patch in my life. I had hit a financial stumbling block, and was forced to take a second job. I had a friend who worked at a taxi company, and he put a good word in for me. I have a good driving record, so they hired me in […]

Post office

My job wasn’t the most exciting one in the universe, but it definitely paid the bills. I worked in a local post office, and my days could get pretty repetitious. There were some days that were exciting, but that was usually only when there was some type of emergency. Considering I worked at a post […]

We’re very grateful

There was no denying the fact that I was getting older. I am only 39 years old, but that day will most assuredly come when I’ll need to seriously consider a retirement home. I don’t have any children that could take care of me in my elder years, so I wanted to start planning now. […]

What a failure

I got invited to an annual dance off last month. At first I didn’t really feel like going, but after I thought about it for a while I realized it had the potential to be amazingly fun. I always enjoyed dancing. I was, of course, getting older now. My joints would probably hate me afterwards, […]