Month: August 2017

I can fix these problems

Last summer, the weather was unusually cool and rainy.  There was no need to run the air conditioner at all.  I was thrilled to avoid the higher electric bills.  We were comfortable with opening the windows and running box fans.  I figured that since the air conditioner experienced no wear and tear, there was no […]

Keeping on my air conditioner

Once the central cooling system was installed in my house, I took it for granted.  Other than occasionally changing the air filter, I didn’t give it a thought.  I figured that the air conditioner was brand new and should operate properly.  The cooling equipment functioned without any problems for nearly ten years.  I then noticed […]

I had a great day

Once my brother and I moved out of the house we started to joke about the stuff our parents were doing. All of a sudden, our dad, decided to take on home repairs that he had left undone the whole time we were growing up. Mom decided to take up sewing which she had never […]

I’m always too warm

When my cousin was getting married I was in the wedding party and I was looking forward to all of the celebrations ahead of time as well as the ceremony. Instead of having a typical bachelorette party she decided that it would be fun if all of us went on a wine tour through The […]

I recently had a revelation

Do you remember the first time you successfully tied your shoes? There is a sense of glory that comes from this small victory and I think it has a tendency to cement dates and times in the human mind. Of course, I could be completely wrong and perhaps this is only true in my singular, […]

This is the greatest thing

When I was a tiny little kid, running around, wreaking havoc on my little hometown, nobody ever thought I would amount to much. In this town, everybody knew everybody, and everybody knew that I was as good as a wild young stray hog, rustling around and making a mess out of everybody’s business. I dropped […]

I was very happy about this

Last year, I decided that I wanted to live without having any sort of impact on the environment.  I moved into a tiny house, got rid of my car, installed a couple of solar panels to charge the necessities like a phone and a small burner, and constructed a way to catch rain water. I […]

It’s time to educate people

I used to be a heating and cooling system installer but I retired a few years ago. Installing air conditioning units and heating systems was a lot of hard work and my knees couldn’t take it anymore. When I was an installer, I had to be sure that heating systems were installed properly and hooked […]

I read so many reports

I love going to water parks. Unfortunately, I never seem to get a chance to go to them. I always plan on going and then I end up getting too busy with work and other plans. I haven’t made it to the water park in about four years! Well, that changed this week when I […]

Replacing the roof

I like to continually improve my house, and I am always involved in some sort of renovation project.  I’ve gradually replaced every wall, ceiling, window and door in the house.  I’ve sanded down and varnished the wood floors, replaced all of the light fixtures, and installed brand new countertops and cupboards.  I spent a small […]