Month: July 2017

Electric climate control

I am so happy to finally get out of the house now that I am graduated! I am the oldest out of 8 children and I will finally have my own room. Everything in the house has been shared, all the meals are together also, you never could have time by yourself. We also were […]

I need to set the thermostat

I had been renting a small house in a college town for a year now and hadn’t too many problems. We get all seasons of weather, but it’s set up with nice HVAC cooling and heating system for our needs. The landlord ran hot and cold when it came to returning calls or fixing anything. […]

I am actually quite scared right now

My entire life, I have lived down south. Recently, I have been considering taking a new job that is going to relocate us to a city within the north. Last week, I had my interview with my prospective boss, and I think the interview went very well. I would be really surprised just were not […]

We found great climate control products

My pal and his both recently bought a house for the first time. They both contemplated this big purchase for almost eighteen months, and they finally built up enough courage to complete the transaction. After moving in the house, my brother has already invested three months into fixing up his dream house. The house was […]

What a great A/C unit

It really feels like it has been raining every single day, lately. I have not even had time to cut my grass in over one month. Every time I tell my significant other that I am about to deal with it, I look out the window and see a big, grey rain cloud quickly approaching. […]

I can clean the heat exchanger

My time is my own.  When I’m at work, I’m selling my time to my employer.  And when I’m off, I value my time as if it were gold.  There are some things I have to approach as a time and motion consultant would.  How do I get this done so that it’s done and […]

Temperature control products all work well

I work for a very demanding boss.  He keeps track of every minute of the day and is adamant that when I’m on the job, I must be working.  I think he used to work for a law firm where they bill time out in tenths of an hour.  Well, I must say, I’m a […]

It’s important to control the temperature here

I’m a real nut about the time value of money. My employers are too:  they covet every minute that I’m on the job.  And once I leave work, I’m the same way.  If something I’m doing is not efficient, I’ll cogitate until I find the most economic way to accomplish the task.  I am twice […]

These air ducts have been clean for a while

I take my work seriously and really value my time.  My company is very strict about downtime:  there is none!  Once I get home, nothing changes.  I like to make the most out of my private time, too.  I have routines and subroutines for keeping my home up to the highest standards of cleanliness.   I […]

My air ducts are really clean

As a hard-working single gal, I unquestionably value my time. While at work, my job views time as money, but once I clock out I take it up a notch as I believe time to be tantamount to life. Consequently, I always strive to make the most of mine. That fact is exemplified by the […]