Month: July 2017

We’re headed back down south

My partner and I have lived our whole lives in the northern area of the country. We have lots of friends and family close by, and were reluctant to move away. However, we were extremely tired of dealing with the long, freezing winters. It is not uncommon for us to run our furnace for eight […]

This will keep our home comfortable

I had always hated the flooring in my living room. It was this hideous brick that this previous homeowner setup. The guy used various different bricks and did not finish. I tried hiding it with rugs and yes it still bothered me. I then chose to handle the project and remove the brick. I wanted […]

The air conditioning in my room

If you happen to live in the north and want an air conditioner, consider a ductless mini split. This air conditioner is usually the best for the north as a consequence of how simple it is. Most cooling systems require ductwork installation, AC service and are significant cooling devices. A ductless mini split can be […]

I can repair this heater

I work entirely from my own home, and for the most a part, it is super convenient. I don’t need to worry about snowy roads, keeping gas in my car, or dressing in company attire. I set my very own hours, usually wear sweatpants, and enjoy my favorite music cranked up loud. Despite all of […]

There are some drawbacks when you don’t have a good heater

My home has a forced air furnace, and it has both good and bad points. The furnace is extremely competent at keeping my home nice and warm on the coldest days and nights. Also, it is quite energy efficient. The gas furnace comes with a 98% AFUE rating which keeps my monthly bills reasonable. Because […]

Working remotely from home

I’ve been looking to upgrade to an actual heating and cooling system for a really long time, since my heating and cooling system now comprises opening a window for air conditioning and grabbing a blanket for some heat! I have lasted quite a long time without any formal device since I enjoy saving my money […]

This is the most efficient HVAC system

On Xmas morning I rise early to make the house ready for the young ones making cinnamon rolls. I start the fire inside the wood burning stove first, for if we want any sort of heat in the middle of our cold winter mornings, it has to be the first thing one does. I had […]

I’m a technology type of person

I have learned to be prepared when I goto my doctor’s office.  The reason for this is that I know they keep their thermostat setting to sub zero temperatures. They claim this is for germ purposes and I have since learned there is nothing I can do about no matter how annoying and frustrating it […]

This thermostat is absolutely dying

Our grandmother recently moved in with the family. It has been a real adjustment for us all as we aren’t used to having someone live us with such special needs. She was getting too old to stay alone and with her many health issues it was eventually going to be her end. We tried to […]

I’m working on my immune system

I was brought into this world with a pretty weak immune system. I spent my childhood inside of a bubble quite literally within the hospital. There was such a real concern about how I could live out in the world and not die from sickness. My immune system might not be able to handle the […]