Month: June 2017

A medical marijuana dispensary

A few weeks ago, I saw a dear friend of mine at a local coffee shop. I had not seen her in at least five years, so it was wonderful to finally run into her! She said that she had recently moved back to the area, and was up to her ears in work from […]

Seeking a new air conditioner

For the very first time, I went to the most well known amusement park in the land. I spent a year budgeting my money accordingly for the hotel, food, and park tickets. I have dreamed about visiting this park for as long as I can remember. It would be an understatement to say I was […]

The air conditioning equipment

Some years ago, a woman by the name of Helen, was my best friend. She was my mentor. This woman took me into her HVAC business and gave me not only a job, but a career. She allowed me to learn on the job, and she also encouraged me to better myself so I could […]

Weather conditions

I am actually courteous about cleanliness, plus I make sure that our whole house is neat, organized, plus washed up.  I clean up all surfaces down with good cleaner, plus our vacuum cleaner which uses a HEPA filter.  I make sure to have the gas furnace professionally washed up every fall, plus the air conditioner […]

Climate control

My husband and I try to do something special for our anniversary every year. The two of us take a weekend getaway or head out on a road trip or just stay at a nearby hotel. I look forward to our little trips each year.  This year, we had a terrible experience that left me […]

A new heater could be better

I have many fond memories from my childhood. Growing up in a big family meant that us kids had to find things to do around the house.  We had to entertain ourselves.  My family very rarely went on getaways or to the movies or amusement parks.  My mom and dad were always working long hours […]

I love my heated floors

There’s no where in the world I might rather be than in this home. In my home there are plenty of things that I love. I love my leather couches, my fireplace, but most especially I love my radiant surfaces. You will never know real love until you have radiant flooring installed into your household. […]

Replacement HVAC products

The best thing about my home is honestly the backyard, it’s equipped with a pool, grill, and even a volleyball court. While I do enjoy spending most of my time out there, when having company over, I wasn’t too excited about them seeing my large, boxy cooling device it just doesn’t look the least bit […]

Air and heating equipment

When it comes to home shopping, I aim to find the best prices available on the market. I’ve found that sites outside of the city are a little more affordable than living in the city. When I consider heating in an apartment, I think about the “no free dinner” idea from school. I truthfully do […]

I could use central air in my home

I just moved to a new house, further south, and I wasn’t prepared for the heat. My house was not equipped with some sort of central air conditioner, but I didn’t think it was going to be a problem. While living more north, I had always gotten by using a furnace in the winter, and […]