Month: May 2017

Set up with a fireplace

My friends log home can be so inviting! It’s equipped with a wood fireplace, has an incredible viewpoint, and feels so warm together with toasty features. My husband and I were tired of being jealous and I’m honestly not a person who sits around and waits to undertake things she wants, so we also got […]

Hair affected by HVAC

Actually, I have always known that not having an HVAC system may have some an incredible effect on one’s well being, but my main concern for a long time has been my hair. When brushing my hair daily I notice a ton of flyaways and split ends. In the beginning, I thought that it might […]

Getting tune ups monthly

I hate having the knowledge that something will eventually break or that it may not work.  I depend on my electronics to work for me when I want them to.  For my gadgets not to work, would be really bad for me.  I always worry about my HVAC system breaking down.  I suffer a lot […]

Freezing a/c at doctors

I scheduled a doctor’s appointment right before I went back to school.  It is a mandatory requirement that you have a physical, so I couldn’t get out of.  They check on your immunizations, and tell you about the dangers of unprotected sex and ask if there is anything you would like to ask about.  I […]

Freezing cooling

Our school requires yearly physicals prior to a new school year.  I didn’t like this part of the school requirement, but I had no choice, and I made an appointment with the recommended physician.  They make sure you have had all of your immunizations and they check for unrecognized diseases that may otherwise go unnoticed. […]

Doctor’s cooling

I am not too fond of doctors and I had an appointment scheduled for before our school started.  It is a requirement for all students to have the necessary immunizations before classes commence. I don’t believe anyone really likes this end of the education process, but I realize the necessity of it.  What I don’t […]

Office temperature control

I had a doctor’s appointment coming up prior to my new college year.  It is a requirement for all students to have physicals before classes begin. I don’t know of anyone who likes this part of the school guidelines. Why do all doctor’s offices need such adverse temperatures. It seems that they go to extremes […]

Doctor’s Office freezing temperatures.

Recently I had a scheduled doctor’s appointment coming up before my school started. It is required of all students with the necessary shots before classes commence. I don’t know anyone who likes this piece of the education process. So, here I went. What is it with all doctors offices and air conditioning system installations. It […]

Air cooling ruined taxes

I how you aren’t familiar with luck I have in my life. It seems like every time something can go off, it will, no matter how hard I try to prevent negative outcomes for my future. It always makes me truly anxious, because I feel always under attack from some invisible universal force that’s out […]

My parents window cooling unit

Last Wintertime my mom was always complaining about the cold.  If the temperature went below sixty degrees or so, she was wrapped in her jacket. She slept with like fifty blankets at night and stood in front of the furnace during the day as she sipped her tea. I am pretty sure she told me […]