Month: May 2017

Going without any AC

Never again am I going to be dining at what used to be my favorite restaurant. Last time I went out, it was a date with a guy I met on the job. I had known him for a short time. He was smart, funny, and really talented. Needless for me to say, I was […]

No AC when camping

In about two months, I will begin my first major camping adventure. I will be spending two weeks in the mountains, a few hours north of my neighborhood. I am a little nervous because we will be so far out into the wilderness that if there is an emergency, it may be impossible to get […]

furnace is on fire

Cold weather has finally made its way to our region, and boy has it ever! The first night by which we experienced snowfall, we were hit with almost ten feet of the white stuff. As a northern-born kid, I’m all too familiar the characteristics of this time of the year. However, every once in a […]

Losing HVAC warranty

We inherited our current home from my wife’s parents. The home had been passed down from generation to generation and we were now a portion of that long-lived tradition. Considering this home’s age, my mother and father-in-law had been practical enough to upgrade most items around the house. From the roofing to the floorboards and […]

AC for the dogs

I love my dogs. I treat them exactly like my children. I buy them the very best dog food and even cook dinner for them on occasion. I had a building erected just for them. It is their very own bedroom, complete with beds and cute little water and dog food bowls. It’s very hot […]

HVAC in the office

I spend hours on end working in an office where I sit at a desk typing on a desktop computer. The office is, usually, really comfortable. Outside, the temperatures are in the 80’s to the high 90’s, but we always stay cool within our building. Each of us has a small fan on our desk […]

AC installation in the garage

Recently, I’ve been considering putting a small, portable air conditioning unit at my garage. I have some great gym equipment out there that I feel motivated enough to use. I would go out there to use it, but even in the coldest portions of the winter months, the garage gets so very hot. I know […]

My boy and the HVAC guy

I’ve wanted my children to be successful, no matter they choose to do in life. I have tried to be sure that their interests are diverse, to allow for them to choose any path they wish to follow. My oldest child can be an artist. Both of my sons went to technical college, and they […]

Best thermostat purchase

It looks like people these days are determined to be so stressed. For whatever purpose, I wish that more of folks would just live a little and go beyond the limits. The two people actually, I know that do this are our fun grandparents. They are so wonderful! Living life to the edge always and […]

HVAC professional can ruin your stuff

It’s time that I eliminate my girlfriend’s silly ideas. It is well known that women love to shop faithfully, but mine’s apparently also delights in being scammed. Countless times I’ve had to bail her out of terrible ideas and scammy deals. Nonetheless, it wasn’t until when I left for my cabin up north for two […]