Month: April 2017

My furnace makes some weird noises

The other day, I found a puddle on my kitchen floor, and I blamed the dog.  I cleaned it up, and a few hours later, there was a another puddle.  It didn’t take long for me to figure out that my water cooler was leaking.  I had to remove the water bottle, unplug the unit, […]

Modern thermostat tips

It is really easy to forget when the last product in a line of technology was released. For example, I can never remember when I am due for a phone upgrade. My carrier allows me to capitalize on a discount every two years on a new phone. Sometimes, it feels as if those two years […]

Keeping my instruments clean

When I was a kid, I will admit that I wasn’t always fair to my mother and father. When you are a teenager, it feels natural to get frustrated with your parents and feel as though they do not understand. I know I was mean to my mom and dad more than a few times […]

I’m happy about this

I’m the type of person that is always feeling uncomfortably cold no matter what. Even in the summer, the slightest breeze will make me shiver. I always keep a long sleeve shirt on hand and a jacket in my car. You can never be too prepared. I remember one year, spring was in full swing, […]

Making sure everything is clean

Because I was really working on small level electronic devices which had died on me, I studied carbon composition resistors.  I was in hopes that I could repair some of the old appliances I had inherited from my mom and dad.  Carbon composition resistor are created out of good carbon particles plus are widely used […]

The end product

When I first began researching electricity, I had never gotten used to the name of a wire wound resistor.  I have gathered that wire wound resistors are created by winding a metal wire around a big, ceramic or fiberglass device.  Metal caps are linked to the ends of the wire, and then metallic areas are […]

Does this thermostat even work

My grandmother constantly is trying to keep up with the times. That means that she has an iphone and tries to text. She also has an ipad that she never can remember how to turn on. Now she recently bought a smart thermostat. She read all about how a smart thermostat will save her money […]

Doing some home renovations

I like to do big home projects during the Summer. That is the time that I pick a room in my house and I tear down everything. I tear down the walls and put up new drywall. I get an electrician to fix the outlets. I also buy new rugs, furniture and light fixtures. Every […]

energy efficiency is important

A lot of people are going green now with everything they do. You can ride a bike to work or walk rather than drive. You also can recycle just about everything to save our environment. Now there is even heating and cooling equipment that is better for your environment. More and more houses now are […]

My boiler

My whole town is a major flood zone. We get tons of water in my area no matter what season it is. The cold season brings in massive quantities of snow. Then we periodically will get warm days that thaw the snow. The hot season brings about a ton of rain too. We get so […]