Month: March 2017

This is going to be a good winter

I thought to surprise my wife for no reason, but that I love her. She had been working a whole lot of overtime at work, and we hadn’t seen any rest in several weeks. It seemed like a perfect excuse to get away from the house for a number of nights. I rented a small […]

I’d fix the air conditioner if I could

Something is drastically going wrong with my air conditioner. I knew I shouldn’t have avoided scheduling maintenance this year, but we had to buy a new car, have the roof replaced, and pay off the credit card bill. I didn’t have the cash to invest in preventative service for an air conditioner. I prayed that […]

How did the air conditioner break

This past summer, we experienced  a record breaking, prolonged heat wave. The temperature climbed into the triple digits, the humidity was brutal, and night temperatures were staying in the eighties. People were suffering heatstroke and second degree sunburn, making it dangerous to spend time outdoors. I was so happy to have central air conditioning available […]

I think my thermostat is damaged

Right before summer, I experienced my first HVAC conundrum. I am a new homeowner who just  bought my house a month weeks ago. I was fortunate enough to find a home with an HVAC system already installed, and I didn’t honestly think about what kind of problems the heating and cooling system may need, or […]

What are the sounds from?

I didn’t know what was happening, but I did understand that the noise coming from the ducts was not the noise my ductwork should be making. I kind of ignored it, and instead I just continued my day. It had been extremely cold outside, and I was trying to be productive on my day off. […]

This thermostat gets the job done

A couple weeks ago I went on this quick weekend road trip with 4 of my best friends – yes, it was a totally cramped car ride. We found a hotel close to our place of interest, close enough to travel forwards and backwards between the hotel room and our conference without needing to be […]

The temperature is fluctuating a lot

We planned a lovely anniversary dinner a couple weeks ago at the hottest new place in town. We had to make reservations the week before because they were so busy. I had been looking forward to trying one of the exotic seafood dishes everyone was raving about. I bought a new dress just for the […]

Taking advantage of my air conditioner

While I was growing up, my household lived on a very restricted budget. There were seven children with my family, and my parents were always researching to trim expenses. We never experienced vacations, going to the movies, or simply going out to eat. We always wore second-hand clothing, religiously cut coupons, and all the children […]

Geothermal energy is a great technology

For heating and cooling your home, the best choice is undoubtedly a geothermal heat pump. A geothermal pump combines heating & cooling capacity into one efficient system, and will cut your utility bills by around fifty %. You can heat and cool your home for as little as $1 a day, and the geoexchange system […]

Some people don’t like air conditioning

Perhaps it was eventually hubris that brought me to my fate. Perhaps it was the too much ignorance, which I have heard is a thing for people who fail. And quite a fail it was. Here is where it mostly began. I was too ambitious with when I received my new HVAC system. I  just […]